About Us

Internet Point, Inc specializes in acquiring and developing best-of-breed niche websites, offering valuable information, web 2.0 functionality, and a sense community for the millions of people that visit our properties each year.


In addition to our acquisitions, we are also well-known for making a splash with homegrown projects. One of these homegrown projects, and one of our recent sales, is a massive network of automotive enthusiast sites, boasting well over 350,000 registered users and attracting over 4 million visitors a month. As with most of our in-house creations, this behemoth network was developed from the ground up, using a very reasonable budget. Another recent in-house project went from landing page to the web's most popular fantasy mixed martial arts site in less than 6 months time. The outstanding success of these and other projects is a testament to the work ethic, precision, and technologies we use to this very day.


So exactly how is it that we turn digital assets into marketing gold? One way is by acquiring high-value, top-level domain names or existing web properties which generate significant natural traffic on their own. From there, our talented development team quickly goes to work on creating the most cutting edge e-commerce site, information portal, or online community possible to best serve the needs of the topic at hand. Once our project has been properly developed to the high standards that we hold, our internet marketing team takes over. Leveraging many forms of cost-effective promotion, such as social networking, targeted sponorships, our own massive network of sites, and the assets of our partners, we then usher in traffic and users. From concept to completion, we pride ourselves on the ability to take a diamond out of the rough.

As our clients will attest, partnering with Internet Point translates into maximized profits and a handsome return on investment time and time again. It's simply a smarter way of marketing.

Traffic Numbers

Internet Point Sites averaged over 350,000 visitors per month. (Source: Google Analytics )
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